Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays over ... phew!

Thank GOD the holidays are OVER! They are fun, exhausting and busy for me...

Here are some highlights:

Got the tree up with all my snowmen and the outside decorated, added a few new things outside and delighted our neighbor's girls. Had no major incidents with the new dog and the fresh pine tree (LOL). Mollie got to meet her cousin Chloe, and they had their moments together.

Went to NYC to have dinner with Val and Grace, saw the tree, 5th Avenue windows and got cupcakes at Magnolia bakery. Had an awesome time even though it was a small group, and we had a disaster with Mary nearly barfing on the train (she made it to Grand Central before turning around and going home).

My sister and her two girls came to visit, it was a fast trip but we got to have NY Pizza (Sinapi's), Fiesta Mexican dinner, quick trip to NYC to see the tree and have lunch at Jekyl & Hyde, shopping at Yogi's Paw and just having the cousins and sisters spend time together.

Now on to thinking of my one-word for 2010 and all the things I want to do this year...more on THAT later...
Happy 2010!