Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Like riding a bicycle....

So today I had to travel into the office for the wild and wierd experience of "going to work" because our cable company has a major outage and my modem wouldn't connect for the third day in a row...I can't remember the last time I was here...probably more than 4 years ago when I was moving back from Virginia, living in Martin's studio apartment until our townhouse was ready...

Some odd things that came right back to me:
  • My favorite cubical is CA165, Ext. 6011 - not too far from the copier/printer and ladies room but remote enough in the room that I'm "incognito" and can't be heard on the phone
  • I still had my printer installed, and WOW! systems printers are fast, quiet and better quality than my home ink jet.
  • Its eerily quiet in the mobility center - all you can hear is the quite drone of the too cold air conditioning...and a faint buzz from those around me.
  • There is so much room to stretch out and "organize" and nothing to distract me like TV, the doorbell or laundry.
  • The cafeteria food still isn't as good as the local deli, although they do carry Dunkin' Donuts coffee now.
  • It stinks to have to get "dressed" but I still wore my flip flops and hid my feet under the desk.

I'm HOPING that the cable is restored and I can go back to comfy flannel pants and a t-shirt and flip flops tomorrow...just as productive...hey, I'm just sayin'....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If I lived at IKEA, this would be my office...

I love the wallpaper, the desk top...I turned to Grace as we we strolling through IKEA today and said, "I want to live here".... and I would visit Grace a couple "doors" down here:

Monday, June 22, 2009

...make it at home Starbucks black tea shaken lemonade (unsweetened)

I LOVE Starbucks black tea shaken lemonade (unsweetened) but at $3.60 for a Venti, I decided to try to find an "at home" alternative...

I use regular brewed Lipton tea - 4 teabags per half gallon container, hot Poland Springs water from my "machine"...then from A&P I found some Organic lemonade, just lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar ... in the right combination it tastes exactly the same! Yum! The BEST part is that I'm not having to cut lemons and have them accumulate in the sink .... the lemonade is JUST enough citrus to give you an excellent flavor!

Happy Birthday to me!

Only someone like me would appreciate these birthday gifts from my honey rather than jewelry or flowers....but we have already used the Griddler twice, and today I'm making double chocolate ice cream! Yum!

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The countdown begins....

No Doubt - Mohegan Sun...only SEVEN more days!
Gracie and I have our lime green bras ready!

Top 10 things that are annoying me today:

1. A pinchy headache that won't go away
2. The thought of seven straight days of rain, when all of my flowers are currently waterlogged beyond repair already- and having to move all my flower buckets into the dining room.
3. Craving chocolate and needing a big Hershey bar when I normally don't even think about chocolate!
4. Having too much work to concentrate on any one thing at a time
5. Remembering web passwords for every damn site...and not all of them allowing the same Userid and password due to constraints on the site.
6. My hot tea with lemon getting cold way to quickly for me to actually drink it.
7. Having to have a provolone cheeseburger because I'm all out of any other kind of cheese in this house!
8. Needing a full day to clean my house when I only ever have a few hours at a time
9. Not having anything I can come up with for dinner tonight that doesn't require a trip to the grocery store.
10. Heidi and Spenser Pratt and their idiotic rant about Al Roker and how he disrespected them...I hope they piss NBC off enough that they are black listed from everywhere else! I'm SICK of them...

Thanks for letting me vent -- I feel much better! What's bugging you today?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

...the story of my life...

A big pile of books, with no time to read!