Monday, September 29, 2008

Twilight the movie preview and POP pictures

I found this picture of Robert Pattinson, the actor playing Edward in the Twilight movie (based on the amazing Stephenie Meyers series of books), on Perez Hilton tonight...I think he's got it nailed! Here's another great site for movie trailors, etc.

I am also including some pictures of the Power of Pink breakfast I threw at the Brighton Collectibles store in Danbury this past was a great success!



Thursday, September 25, 2008

The return of Survivor (Gabon) and awesome Bob!

I don't watch many reality shows...I'm more of a CSI, Entourage, 90210 (I know...don't judge, I'm re-living my youth) and Project Runway (ok, maybe this is a little reality-ish) type of gal. But I have watched Survivor since the first season -- when an alliance was something Richard Hatch dreamt up to stay in the game...the two-hour premiere was great! There is an awesome "cast of characters" this season. I can't really pick the front runner yet...but the older, nerdy Physics teacher (complete with bow tie) Bob is amazing! He knows how to make, do and figure out the best way to do everything so far! He's a real leader of his team... Go Bob!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sweet and Sinister Swap Received from my partner Debbie!

I just went to the front door to check to see if any packages have arrived (I'm always ordering stuff online) and I was surprised to see my Artsy Mama's Sweet and Sinister Swap package from my partner Debbie from Richmond, VA.

Note: You can click on the photo to see it larger.

It was an awesome package full of buttons, trims, decoupaged boxes, tags, some snowmen (I collect them), some coffee themed items (candle, soap, lip balm), a black crow, candy and tons of black and white (with a little orange thrown in).

I love everything! Debbie, I'm going to be visiting Richmond in the next month or two, I would love to meet for coffee or something!

Out for a Sunday drive...and stopping at all those places we always wanted to...

On Sunday we got in the Yaris, filled up with gas, and just drove up Route 22 North...stopping at all of the little antique and junk shops we said we always wanted to stop at...the first place was closest to my house in Patterson, NY -- Fanny Doolittles had AWESOME Halloween stuff, very cute:

Then we kept driving and passed the Big Moose Deli...I slept part of the way in the car and we happened to end up in Bennington, Vermont (about 2 hours from our house, Martin loves to drive) at this ADORABLE Camelot Village:
They had tons of collectible glass, dishes, old postcards, old buttons, books, telephones, phonographs, records, you name it! It reminded me of a big indoor flea market -- I had to call Grace right away! Telephone reception was terrible because we were in the mountains and around the ski areas -- but I finally got a text through to her! I got the bowl of buttons below for $3, there are some really awesome ones in the bag. I also got the stuff for my Zombie Jar Swap -- I can't picture it here until after the swap is sent/received -- I don't want to ruin it for my swap partner who I know has been on my blog!

We drove all the way there on Route 22 North and came home on Route 7 South, through Danbury, CT -- stopping at Panchos and Gringos on the way home for dinner, since it was 7:30pm and we were STARVING! It was a great, unplanned day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Starbucks Sleeve Mini Album

Here are pictures from my latest class project a Starbucks sleeve album (designed by Wilna Furstenberg for SIStv). I finished this in about an hour -- added an extra section so that I had some more pages. This was so much fun and easy to do! I had some Basic Grey Cupcake line paper, so I used the sprinkles from that on the inside covers. The stick pin and beads on the cover holding the rick rack in place is from Stampin' Up!

I can't wait to add photos and journaling and maybe even make another one! Enjoy today!

Cupcakes and Coffee - Starbucks Mini album

Here are pictures of my Starbucks cup mini-album I created today -- its such a cute little was fun to make. I can't wait to put some pictures and journaling in it!

I can't wait to see what the next project is in my "Cupcakes & Coffee" online class by SIStv!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Power of Pink

This year I'm the "Captain" of the Power of Pink campaign at Brighton Collectibles. The last five years, they had their designers create a unique bracelet that is sold during the month of October and they donate $10 a local organization of the store's choice (we picked The New Milford Hospital Foundation's Low-cost Mammogram Fund) from the sale of each bracelet.

I have spent time today creating advertising materials to remind people about a kick-off breakfast we are having on September 27 when the store opens...I want to have a great event that is well-attended with lots of cute giveaways, food, and information about breast cancer screening and prevention for women.

I have lost a lot of friends and family to his horrible cancer and this is my way of helping to ensure that it becomes eradicated in the future. I encourage you to find a way to help in the causes you believe in.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Four days down....

Its been four days since I have been eating Vegan, with no dairy, caffeine, alcohol, gluten, or sugar...its been surprisingly easy -- there are lots of foods at the health food store and natural store. I feel good, less clothes are fitting a little better in just a few days.

This week I was able to take a Giada "Everyday Italian" recipe for Artichoke Gratinata and altered it to be Vegan -- vegetable stock, soy margarine, gluten free bread for bread crumbs, added spinach and mushrooms and soy mozzerella cheese...made it melty and good! Thanks Cindy L for posting about it! It made me sit and think about how many things you can get out at restaurants and still eat no meat ... although the thought of never having chicken or seafood again is really sad to me..I love food too much -- I could probably do without red meat...but we'll see.

Work was good this week, finally getting back to "normal" given that I have been covering for someone for four months while they were out on maternity leave...I just have to get myself organized and the house cleaned up this that I can feel really good and "in balance".

I signed up for a fun online scrapping class -- cupcakes and coffee (two things I'm not eating/drinking right now, but it will be fun to dream). It starts on Monday...just waiting for my kit to arrive, and this weekend I'll try to get the rest of the parts I need for the class...we are making 10 projects in 14 days (at our own pace) and the instructor Wilna Furstenberg is AWESOME! She taught at the Nashville, TN Scrap Etc. event I went to recently. She does a lot of handpainted art...really beautiful.

This weekend I have NO plans! That makes me really happy, I don't have to be anywhere -- we'll probably move my mom to her new place on that leaves all day Saturday to myself...Martin will be working...I'll work on my Sweet & Sinister Swap. I have all the "pieces", I just have to make it artsy and sinister...

Have a good weekend ALL!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Quantum Wellness

Every week, my mom gives me all of her "rag mags" from the food store -- they are usually those Women's magazines touting how to lose weight, make a great cake, or the funny things kids say...but this past week, an article caught my eye and sounded was on a 21-day cleanse that Oprah was doing, based on the Quantum Wellness theory that Kathy Freston recently wrote sounded so interesting that I bought the book and have been obsessed with it since I got it! It makes sense to me, and I can lose weight while doing it! BONUS!

Its not just a "diet" its the concept of Wellness and being at peace, in balance and feeling really good overall ... its about taking time, investing in yourself and doing good things for others to make you and the world around you a better place...
I strongly advise anyone reading this blog to get the book and read it! I will "officially" start tomorrow a.m., but I actually ate a vegan dinner and snack tonight and stopped caffeine after I finished my huge unsweetened black iced tea with lemon this I will definitely keep you posted on my progress -- but I feel really good about it and that its something I can do fairly effortlessly. Today I went to Mrs. Greens Natural Market and got some soy products ... the cleanse is no caffeine, sugar, gluten, alcohol, meat products or dairy...for as long as you can, but they say that it takes 21 days to change a habit and your taste for that's my goal. They aren't ABSOLUTE about it, they talk about "leaning in" and making small changes and keep adding to them. They also say you can lose a pound a day doing this cleanse (Oprah lost somewhere around 15-20 lbs in 3 weeks -- she blogged about it here). The theory behind the cleanse is that it gets all the chemicals and effects of possible allergy from your system ... you can add stuff back in later if you like, but many continue eating the healthy way...I'm not sure that I'm not allergic to dairy, so I'm anxious to see how I feel on this.
I made some steel cut oats for breakfast already (since they take 30 mins. to cook, I prepared them and put them in the fridge), and I have some homemade roasted tomato soup ready to go...and some great mango passionfruit decaf tea...I feel armed and ready! I'll blog here and let you know how I feel...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cool Drug store stuff....and Stampin' Up! Hostess Club

I found these cute items at the local Rite Aid recently...I can't wait to have glow in the dark nails for Halloween! At least I'll have nice, soft hands...this handcream is awesome!

I recently went to a hostess stamp camp at my friend Gail's house...these were two of the cute projects we made, as well as a 20th anniversary die cut bookmark she made for us (the cool thing about it was that its sorta like a card, it folds over at the top - and the bottom has magnets on both sides, so its a "stay put" book mark that slides on and off a page, but holds tight -- leave it to Gail!)...I'll have to scan the Big Shot cut out basket we made so that I can share it with everyone...its a lot of fun, I love going and making things without having to "think" and design them myself. I really need to clean/organize my scrap stuff again -- I have so much I can purge. Be creative today!