Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aaron McCargo, Jr. will be the NEXT Food Network Star!

Last night was the big showdown on the Next Food Network Star...all three candidates had their strong points...I couldn't really pick a favorite between the three; I liked Adam for his on-screen presence, I loved Aaron's big, hearty food...and I liked Lisa's style...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show...if I had to guess from the pilots filmed, I would have said Lisa or Adam BUT the WINNER was....Aaron McCargo, Jr.!! His show debuts next week!
P.S. I made his famous stuffed porkchops with a dijon/chipolte/honey glaze (minus the sausage in the stuffing) and they were good!

We had terrible thunderstorms again the morning and in the evening...our cable is sporatic today (again -- out more than on!) makes for a "not so productive" day at work with my line dropping...but it seems better now.

I got to see my oldest and dearest friend Andrea from high school tonight...she's in town from Arkansas because her dad fell and broke his hip (Mr. T, I hope you have a speedy recovery!) I haven't seen her since my dad passed away three years ago...we had some dinner and got to catch up a bit...our lives are going in separate directions but the best part is that when you catch up with a good friend, its like you just picked up where you left off last! HUGS!!

Yummy new restaurant in Southeast....

Last night we went to the Sentrista Grill, its been there for a little while, but we thought it was "fancy schmancy" and when we got a $150 gift certificate, we thought maybe we had better "save" it for a special occasion or at least to go with some other friends so that we can use the whole thing rather than have " leftovers." Last night we figured - what the heck? was VERY good, not super fancy, in fact they had outside seating and live music, as well as tables inside with people in shorts and we were good ... just Martin and I went. We went a little crazy, neither of us really ate much on Saturday... here's what we had:
  • Risotto Croquettes - very yummy, with a nice chopped, sauteed tomato base (shared)
  • Mixed field greens (Martin)
  • Pear & Endive salad (Me)
  • Lobster Mac & Cheese (with white truffles, special for the night) (Me)
  • Sauteed scallops with rice (Martin)
  • Tiramisu & cappuchino (Me)
  • Bananas foster towers & coffee (Martin)

Dinner was excellent accompanied by about five glasses of wine between us...and guess what?!? We used the gift certificate ($150) and had money left for the tip -- so it was a free night out! It lived up to the reviews! Definitely make a reservation if you go before 8:00pm. We'll be back!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Where has July gone?!?!

Wow, I can't believe its July 25th already! Where has this month gone?

Since my sister and neices left from their visit, I had Jillian stay a few more days...she celebrate her "real" birthday with us and then travelled home with her dad.

We cooked ziti, meatballs, sausage and peppers for 325 firemen. I wish I had pictures of that pot of sauce, but it was soo crazy trying to get everything ready and keep it hot/tasting good. Lets just say that my entire body was sore for two days...stirring a pot that big is hard work! Here are some stats on what we cooked:
  • 105 lbs of sweet Italian sausage
  • two cases of peppers
  • two very large bags of onions
  • 50 lbs of chopped meat
  • 8 gallons of tomatoes
  • we tossed lettuce, cucumbers, olives, onion and tomatoes in a 30 gal. garbage bag

Other than that, not much new has been happening... I have been a little under the weather with an unexplained fever and feeling yucky...but last night I got to stamp a little and helped my friend, Dena, create 36 card fronts out of the 200 she wants to bring to the Stampin' Up! convention this year. I got to use her new scalloped edge punch -- love it!:

Only one more month to go for me covering two jobs at IBM -- hopefully my co-worker is still coming back on September 2 ... then work/life can get "back to normal".

I joined a great Halloween swap on Artsy Mama's blog. Its called the Sweet and Sinister partner is from Richmond, VA! LOL!

I have to start playing with my new Canon Rebel camera -- I got a UV filter for it, and I just heard my remote is "in" so I hope to take a great self-portrait shots.

Off to find some dinner...I promise to write soon!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dinosaurs and splashing...and gems!

On Thursday we went to Dinosaur Crossing in Montville, CT...we were greeted by Monty (left). We saw 18 dinosaurs in the woods, around the lake...but missed the volcano going off! Every time we thought about it, we were 15 minutes late or 45 minutes early!

After walking around the lake, we played on the playground and had lunch -- then went splashing at the splash pad -- it is soooo cute! The girls really enjoyed it -- and the only way we got them away from the water park was to go digging in a cave for gems...

They had some really cool geodes that you could have them cut in half ... Alexandra had a really cool black one with sparkles that looked like sanding sugar.
It was a great day! Boy were we tired!