Friday, June 27, 2008

Brighton Collectible's Kazuri Bead & Love:Water promotion

The goal of this campaign is to bring clean, safe water to thousands of people in Kenya, Africa who are in desperate need. Scott Harrison (picture above) -- Founder of charity:water, a non-profit providing clean water to Kenya which will be receiving donations from Brighton's Kazuri Bead & Love:Water promotion -- has garnered some press this week. He's one of People Magazine's top eligible bachelors. His appearance in their Super Heroes category is timely, since their promotion starts today, June 27, and runs through July 27!

On QVC today, Karyn Kohl (the owners of Brighton Collectible's daughter) talked about what they are doing to provide water for people in Kenya. The Kazuri collection was also showcased giving this special promotion featuring beautiful, handmade beads a great jump start for today's promotional debut. The beads are made by women in Kenya, where there is a great need for clean water, and a large portion of the proceeds from the jewelry sales will be donated to charities which are bringing fresh water wells to the communities there. They hope to raise $250,000 and build up to 10 wells for hospitals in Kenya.

So please, if you have a local Brighton Collectibles store, stop in and make a donation to this worth cause -- they are selling rubber bracelets for $5, the beautiful jewelry collection above ($69 for the necklace, $50 for the bracelet, and $36 for the earrings), and bottles of water for $20.

Thank you! Together, we can all make a difference!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo of my new passion...

Here they are! My beautiful brown/cream and brown/white china pieces! I found two more tea cups online and have bid in for a gravy boat and some extra pieces...

Monday, June 23, 2008

My lucky birthday...

Yesterday was my birthday ... it was a perfect day ...

...usually my birthday is marked with last day of school, total chaos, trying to get everyone together for dinner, hot weather...its never a nice calm day for me, someone ended up this year was different.

Martin and I went to Millbrook, NY -- about an hour north of us, to the Millbrook Winery. It has some interesting history -- the owner is John Dyson who had a successful career in government and business beyond grapes and wine. He was a Deputy Mayor with Rudolph Giuliani and returned to work with him fulltime after September 11 occurred. Before that, he was a cabinet officer in New York State holding the positions of Commissioner of Agriculture, Commissioner of Commerce and Chairman of the New York Power Authority. He also developed the "I Love NY" advertising campaign for the state. We had a nice tour of the winery and had a tasting of six different wines. We bought a few bottles, some awesome olive oil, and some nice wine crackers...

We were driving down the road from there and made a quick turn into the Bowen Barn in Stanfordville, looked like a cute/quirky a matter of fact, the primary reason we stopped is because it looked like the type of place that may have old stained glass windows, we are looking for an interesting one for the log house...they had everything from old farm tools to hats, to furniture, to just about anything you can imagine! It was a multi-roomed "museum" although the owners were saying as we walked in the door - we aren't a museum, we don't charge admission, but we can't hold things for people forever...we are in business....LOL! As we were wondering around, THERE IS WAS!!!! A full set of multiple pieces of brown/white transferware -- the Royal Mail Myott pattern ... anyone who has heard the story knows that once before I had my eye on 100 pieces, and I let it go...and then I dreamed about it for months before calling the store only to find that it just sold the day before...It wasn't marked, so as I held my breath throughout the rest of the wandering around the store, I asked the owner "How much?"... and then I held my breath some more as she counted 65 pieces... and meekly said "$95?"...I couldn't get the words out fast enough! I said I'LL TAKE IT!!! Marty and I scrounged for cash (we are the two biggest non-cash carrying individuals that walk the earth). We were $7 short after tax, so he ran down to the local gas station to the ATM and got more money as we wrapped the pieces up! It was the PERFECT birthday gift! I smiled all the way home! When we got home, we discovered there are about seven different variations of the pattern in all the pieces, and few shadings of colors from light brown to almost black. Today I went online and found that the two coffee pots included in the set sell for $85 each ... and I learned a little more on the history of the pieces...I have service for 10 (actually 11 on most of the pieces)...I'm so excited! Anyone who says I'm difficult to buy for -- now you have no excuse! There is always a nice piece available somewhere online...and we have a new passion while we are antiquing...

I'll leave you with this really cool picture of Bennett College -- it hasn't been occupied in several years -- I thought it was such an interesting building.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rest in peace...Tim Russert

I was saddened to hear that Tim Russert had passed...who can forget his impromptu white board with "Florida, Florida, Florida" on it almost 8 years can we have an election without him? Rest in peace, Tim.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

SATC - Finally!

It did NOT disappoint! It was a FANTASTIC movie! I finally got to see Sex and the City...LOVED it! I think most women can relate at least one relationship they have had to one of the girls' in the movie! Of course I had a cosmo after the movie!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

Tuesday Update: Its probably well over 100 degrees here today -- and our new air conditioning unit needs freon ... it keeps freezing before it gets to the desired temperature...ARGH! I'm waiting for "the guy" to come...

I need a really easy and cool dinner idea -- anyone have one? Reservations! We went to our favorite quick/close spot and I had what else, GREEK FOOD! Yummy Chicken Soulvaki! I think I was Greek in a past life.

Wednesday Update: Waited until 9:30pm because "the guy" called and said he was coming around 8:00pm, we waited and waited, and finally went to get something to eat when we saw the card that said they tried to get us at 8:15 and 8:30 -- helloooo! Did you ring the BELL? We live in a townhouse, we don't hear someone knocking in a thunderstorm two floors up! They are supposed to be here today between 2-4pm, its almost 3 and no word yet! Luckily today is a little cooler, the house is 76 rather than 78 degrees!

Here's an updated picture of my tomato plant, it must have grown 8" in the past week! Its been humid, rainy, hot -- the perfect weather! We have three small tomatoes already!

Well, back to work....stay cool!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Follow the pink ribbons...

On Saturday we met our Surveyor, Steve, to walk the property and see where our actual property lines lie...of course it was 95 degrees, and one mile UP hill after a cool one mile walk down hill...but we now know which trees are ours, which stone walls are ours and where we end after the stream...It turns out that our little section of the stream is awesome, and is actually there is a little pool area. We saw our old PERK holes and we noticed that our neighbors stopped cutting our grass on the property line.

We got to drive around the area a little more (with the airconditioning blasting after our little walk) and found Clarks, are really cute, rustic bar where they advertise Wine, Women and Walleyes...and had a good frosty beer and some bbq chicken!

We also passed "Richmondville Days" where the big attraction was a big bouncy slide...and passed MANY antique stores and a couple of wineries.

Next step is to go back with a can of pink spray paint (can't use yellow, dark red, or blue) and mark all of the blazing on the trees...and figure out exactly where our log cabin will sit...then TO THE BANK!

Big Fat Cupcake Friday!

The last week and a half has been VERY, VERY has been crazy, its been hot, cold, time to rest, etc. So after I ran to the Toyota service place in Danbury, I ran into Stew Leonards for some lunch...and this big fat Tiramisu cupcake met me at the door...complete with that was my sweet Friday was so big I had to cut it with a knife and soooo sweet! It made the whole week somehow "worth it".