Saturday, May 31, 2008

Harrison Ford's still "got it"!

I went with the intention of seeing Sex and the City, but it was sold since I haven't been to a movie in ages, we saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull instead -- I was skeptical, but it was AWESOME! Harrison Ford pulled it off! I actually liked him in the movie much better than Shia LeBeouf...I won't give anything away...but I think the Indiana Jones franchise will be alive and well for years to come!

Our dinner out didn't work out exactly as planned we got preempted by a huge fire in Chappaqua...but I went without Martin and had a nice dinner as Spasi in Danbury...

I have been wanting to do some vinyl wall art for a while now, so I finally ordered it and got it applied's my powder room:

It says "Don't forget to wash your hands" in French... and this is the dining room:

It was very easy to apply, and they say that it should be easy to remove...I love it! If you are interested, I ordered from WiseDecor -- they are fast and great to deal with!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Wow, what a week...we had family visiting, a holiday (breakfast and dinner!), my mom's 73rd birthday party, got the flowers and tomato planted and I covered two jobs at work for yet another week (September's coming soon! I hate to rush the summer, but that's when my life gets back to "normal") -- can't wait until we have a nice dinner out tonight with friends -- I hear a dirty martini calling my name!

I'll probably spend the rest of the summer moving this tomato plant all over the deck and inside when we have a bad thunderstorm...the little pots on the privacy panel on the deck are from an antique store...I wanted to make them all herbs or all flowers, but I sorta like the combination, just have to get a drainage hole in the bottom of the pail (should have thought of this first)...and the last picture above is the remnants of the party -- we have to put everything back in our very organized basement...

The rest of the weekend will probably be work at Brighton, more cleaning and putting away...and resting!

Have a great one!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life...less organized

Things have been a little unorganized around here lately...scrap stuff everywhere as evidenced here (BELIEVE ME, this is the tip of the iceburg):

but with my sister and neices coming for a visit, I REALLY wanted things to be a little more under I worked for WEEKS going through scrapping supplies, emptying boxes and moving things I don't use so often up to the loft closet shelving...I'm almost there...the closet looks much better and I can actually GET to it (the floor tends to be my filing system):

The cubes at the bottom of the closet are all projects somewhere in the process of being done, but not quite. I added 12 more 12x12 cropper hopper paper storage units, if I fill them, someone has permission to SHOOT me...they each hold 200 sheets of paper.
Hopefully now I'll actully be organized enough to scrap and stamp!

On a log cabin note, we are going to meet the Surveyor on June 7 -- so we can start to map out where the cabin will go and where we want to leave room for outside decking etc. I'll definitely have more pictures of "cabin stuff" then.

Until next time...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It all started...

with a quick trip one lazy look at the property Martin and his brother owned for almost 22 years -- lets go see what it looks like...if we can find it. Well, we found it, and decided we would go back when we could walk it, from the road to the property line...first we had to wait for the tall weeds and brush to die down, but before it turned into a snow covered, icy slope.

We had a shorter window than we had planned with a major snow squall in October...but we did it. I wore my grandfather's "wellie" boots (just in case there were snakes) and we tromped all the way through to the stream (I even walked through the stream to the other side of the bank). There are lots of stone walls, and it plateaus downwards...lots of trees, rocks and brush. But we decided at that moment that it would be great to build a little cabin in the woods, a little get-away that everyone could enjoy...I was really excited for my neices to experience it -- even though they are girly-girls -- I remembered the fun my sister and I had tromping up the mountain in Massachussets to a fallen cabin and all of the exploring we did.

So, we bought out Martin's brother's half, and started our quest for the perfect model.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Model decision....

Martin and I have been looking at lots of models, lots of floor plans -- even going as far as to try to design our own and see what the different companies can do for us...but then we came across a wholesale company that had the exact floor plan we wanted -- at a price that was the lowest around. It looked good on paper, but last weekend we drove to Ohio (8.5 hours each way) to do a walk through of one they were using as an office ... and we LOVED it! Everything about it was exactly what we after taking about 85 pictures in 1.5 hours, we travelled back home. Decision made.

We got home and found that the surveyor had called and he's done with his work, so our next trip is up to the property to walk it with him, and see where the actual property lines are...he said that our neighbor had been mowing into our property line a bit and that the stream is really flowing pretty strongly this time of year...we also had three stone walls where before the property was subdivided, probably marked off some type of field or something. I have big plans for all those stones!