Thursday, April 9, 2009

My foot hurts! And other cranky musings for a Thursday...

  • My left foot is really hurting...and its swollen and I can't keep it in certain positions...its probably stress fractured again! My right foot feels slightly better, but not by much...I need to stop running around and standing on my feet so frequently, easier said than done, right?!?!??!?!
  • Yesterday and today they have been replacing rotten wood on the outside of our townhouse, so its been constant banging, hammering and wood falling from great heights (starting at 9:00am)
  • Martin got most of the cleaning done for me before my sister came...I love that guy! I still have to clean my bathroom and do a quick once-over of the whole house...the girls had another "not so great idea" and spread purple Easter grass all over the first floor of the house...after wearing it as hair...they are so funny...until they had to help me clean it up!
  • Caitie is coming tonight to spend a couple days with us...she's going to help me organize the toy closet in the loft and we'll do some fun things ... she's going to help us on Saturday at the shop, while we paint and move things around, she can organize the ink containers and I'm sure will find some fun things to play with, she always does! I feel like even though she was here while Elizabeth and the girls were here, I didn't really get to "see" her or smooch on her.
  • I have to bake a dessert for Sunday...want to make something "red velvet" for Marty's sister's house...we already celebrated with my family last weekend (I actually feel like its over and done with!) so it should be sorta relaxing
  • I need a new keyboard! I spilled jelly on my old one (its at least 5 years old) and the keys are sticking...I have it on order, I hope it comes today! The space bar is particularly troublesome!

Okay, enough crankiness for today -- I'm going to do a separate post with some cute Easter pictures....

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Sandi Keene said...

Sorry to hear about your foot (feet?) - hope they are better soon!

Enjoy your Easter weekend.