Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Having a hard time getting over the hump today...

Have you ever been deep in a funk and haven't been able to climb out? I'm getting there...deeper than I want to be at this point, deeper than I have been in a while...I have gotten out of the house and did my hair/makeup but I just can't shake this gloomy feeling...sinking deeper...stuck...tired. I was hoping it was just the cold, dreary last breath of winter -- but its more than that...its bills, medical stuff, food UGH...this economy sucks and things that wouldn't normally be so bad are just unprecedented...its pirates and taxes and shots and unemployment and headaches....and, and...

What are your secrets for getting out of "the funk"? I'm open to anything...

Maybe some spring flowers?


Sandi Keene said...

First off, I am so sorry to hear that you suffering with a deep funk. If it helps, there are many people who are reacting the same way to all this bad news.

I have a few ideas. Take a break from all news. No newspapers, online sources etc. Now do what makes you feel good. Craft, cook, take an online class, take a walk with your camera and snap pictures of the first signs of spring, or whatever makes your heart sing.

Buy yourself some tulips or daffodils to brighten up your table. Talk to a good friend and vent about all this junk that is piling up on you. Get it all out and then end the conversation on a good note. Talk about American Idol, the newest MAC makeup color or the latest patterned paper release.

If after a week this has not helped, then talk to your doctor and see if there is a medical, hormonal or drug reaction reason for this. I do not know how old you are but I hit peri-menopause at 40 and had mood swings.

I know you have been thru medical issues lately and that can be hard to shake off as well. I certainly had to deal with that myself after my recent surgery.

Treat yourself very gently and ask for help if needed.


Shellmo said...

I sympathize with your funk! Life is tough for a lot of people nowadays and this economy isn't helping. I always find my peace and happiness in nature. I would say take a walk, observe and photograph birds, landscape. It slows the fast pace of life down. Also, I think volunteering always lifts ones spirits. Sandi has wonderful ideas above!