Friday, March 27, 2009

Ten Things I Like About Blogging...

In celebration of Sandi's 600th post, I have done my own "Ten Things" list:

1. Its like a diary you can share with friends.
2. It pushes me to take pictures so that I can share them.
3. It lets me share cards and scrapbook pages I make, and gives people ideas.
4. I originally set it up to share the progress of our log home, which is temporarily stalled due to season of the year and the economy - but has turned into so much more!
5. It allows me to share things with my sister and her girls who live 450 miles away.
6. Since I enjoy reading everyone else's blog, it allows me to "give back".
7. It allows me to keep a running history of what's happening in my life and look back at the trials and tribulations happening at the time.
8. Although sometimes I'm bad about posting, I'm always thinking about things I want to post and share.
9. Its fun to "tinker" with technology and figure out how to add different gadgets and widgets to my pages.
10. The design element of the blog itself is fun, especially now that there is House of 3 designs to add to my blog.

1 comment:

Sandi Keene said...

Yay Sara! Love your Ten Things! I hope that someday soon you will be blogging about your cabin! I can't wait to do mine - though I am YEARS away!