Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In my ideal world...

  • My dishwasher would WORK and I wouldn't be on my 6th service call to get clean dishes
  • There would be more hours in a day, I wouldn't be working at midnight -- or if I was, I would still have time to relax, watch tv and snuggle with my honey
  • My sister and her two girls would live closer
  • Food would not have calories and we wouldn't gain weight, we would all be at our ideal weight, no matter what we ate
  • We wouldn't need money, everything would just be available when we needed it, as we needed it...
  • The sun would always be shining and we wouldn't have any dark, cloudy, rainy or snowy days (unless we wanted them) -- and the temperature would be constant, warm but not too hot as well
  • The laundry would fold itself and put itself away
  • We would never get headaches
  • The house would clean itself -- especially the floors!

Thanks, Wilna for making us think about our ideal world!


Grace said...

when u find this "ideal world" let me know! Welcome back to blog land. I have missed u..Hugs Grace xoxoxox

Sandi Keene said...

I wanna come live in your ideal world!