Monday, March 30, 2009

I need to have a Bulletproof Attitude this week...

One of my favorite blogs is Kal Barteski's [I] LoveLife blog...I read it every morning, first thing. I think one of the most appealing aspects of her blog is that she's so positive and really fights to get things an artist, a mom, wife, and friend -- there are days that she realizes life's limitations and just goes with the flow. I need to have a week like that...

My sister and the girls come on Saturday this week...after a weekend of being sick, sick, sick (totally stuck in bed with a major head cold)...and not getting a THING done, I need to have a PLAN for this week...and I need to execute it with bulletproof precision!

So in true "Kal" style, here's the plan:
Monday - Clean the kitchen, dining room, and start to put all the decorations on my dining room table in the basement (some of them are Christmas, shhhh!)

Tuesday - Vacuum up the stairs and clean the bedroom, my bathroom, Martin's bathroom and the office; food shop

Wednesday - Who am I kidding?!? It will probably take two days to accomplish Tuesday's "list"

Thursday - Vacuum up the next set of stairs, dust and vacuum the loft, straighten out the closet so that anything "important" is out of the way so that little kids don't destroy anything, finish setting up Easter decorations.

Friday - Finish anything that didn't get done all week, pick up anything needed for our "Easter brunch" on Sunday including eggs, candy for the eggs.

Saturday - Make the souffle, buy champagne, pick up the Ricotta pie at the nearby deli

In between, I'm basically starting a new job with a new set of responsibilities at work, laundry, dishes and dinners...I can do it! Yes, I can!


Sandi Keene said...

GO! DO! I am channeling Kal for you. You can do this. And Good Luck - feel better.

Grace said...

You will do it! - what is your new job? Have fun with the girls.