Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Playing store" comes full circle...

When we were younger, my sisters and I would get packed up and travel about 1.5 hours to Sheffield, Mass. (past the big smiley faced barn and the checkerboard wall) to my "Aunt Peg's" house -- she was Peg Smith, of Peg Smith Fashions in Mount Kisco, New York and my mom worked for her before she had kids. She retired to Mass. and had an AWESOME "potting shed" (this thing was about 100' by 10') and it contained an old cash register, old green guest check pads, and all sorts of fun and interesting items that we played store with every time we went there.
Full circle for me came when this past weekend, we were moving the last of the stuff around Martin's shop so that they can finally sheet rock and put in outlets and lighting post-fire (last January)...we found the old Crop Room electric cash register and some odds and ends that Caitie thought were as special as my Aunt Peg's old bits and pieces.
To quote my sister Carol, "That household has more fake food than anywhere I have seen!" We have plastic fake food, imitation brownies, cakes, cookies, waffles, breads and orange juice (the kind you find in furniture stores)...and even little shopping baskets...instead of a huge shed, we have a huge closet (in the loft). When Jillian came to visit, the two of them played in that closet for HOURS!

I hope this memory will be as special for them as it was for me and my sisters.

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