Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombie Jar Swap

I finally found a little time to catch up and post my Zombie jar swap pictures! Here's the jar I got:

He's an adorably spooky hand made zombie in green swamp sand complete with fog, a dead looking tree, snakes and rats! Awesome job!
The jar I sent: I found the witch at a cute antiques center in Vermont -- I added some spider webs and little seed type things that look like mini-pumpkins. Then I had to find the jar! I ended up paying $2.58 for a huge jar of pickles at Walmart in Virginia (my Zombie jar is from all over the United States!)...and after fixing it up and realizing its better upside down -- my witch had a home!
Tonight was what I called my "what was in the house dinner" it actually ended up being really awesome! I had some frozen tilapia filets in the freezer, I defrosted...I see-sawed between beer battered and breaded, but ended up opting for a modified Bobby Flay recipe -- grilled with a little olive oil, salt and pepper...and I made a great sauce with leeks, butter, lemon zest, lemon juice, white wine (all reduced down by half) then I added some was YUMMY! I also made orzo pasta with spinach in it...and then I used up some pie crust I had in the fridge and a handful of granny smith apples and made a rustic apple pie...Martin never had it soo good! All with "on hand" items!
My goal for this week is to get the house cleaned and organized...Halloween decorations up...the pumpkin carved...and then I can pull out some winter clothes (brrr!) and put away the summer between work and the rest of the laundry, dishes, etc.! Wonder woman cape on - check!
Have a great week!


karen said...

Thats what you call turning the issue on its head!! you are right it does look better with an upside down jar. Love your witch

Sandi Keene said...

Dinner sounds great. Witch is spooky cute. Good luck with your to do list!

Grace said...

I love your jar and Her jar cute..ahem "spooky" I was getting really hungry reading about dinner. Hugs Grace