Friday, October 24, 2008

SO happy its Friday...

The re-building begins! This week marked the start of the rebuilding of Martin's building after the fire last January...the official date was October 22...temporary heat is the first order of business...and then floor joists above him.
I finally joined Facebook -- it is AMAZING to me...all the people I have connected with over the last couple of days...people from high school, my jr. college, fraternity brothers, old work acquaintences and my neighbors!
Tonight I'm going out with two very old friends from high school...Andrea is here from Arkansas to help her father recover from a broken hip and Whitney who I ran into at Brighton and works in NYC, lives in Queens...I'm looking forward to a big margarita and some great catching up! Its funny how the best of friends just pick up from where we left off...its easy and all comes rushing back so quickly!

Saturday we are off to the property upstate to plan our our driveway and where we will put the house footings...with Martin's brother and sister -- hopefully the rain will stay away and we won't get soaked.

Sunday is Elmo's Green Thumb with Caitie! ...even though she tells me she would prefer seeing My Little Pony LOL!

Enjoy the weekend, whatever you are doing!

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Grace said...

Elmo had a green thumb? Glad you had a great time! Grace