Monday, September 29, 2008

Twilight the movie preview and POP pictures

I found this picture of Robert Pattinson, the actor playing Edward in the Twilight movie (based on the amazing Stephenie Meyers series of books), on Perez Hilton tonight...I think he's got it nailed! Here's another great site for movie trailors, etc.

I am also including some pictures of the Power of Pink breakfast I threw at the Brighton Collectibles store in Danbury this past was a great success!




Grace said...

He looks what I would picture Edward to look like! Can't wait. Definately must see it together hopefully Eliz will be here we can all go. Your event looks beautiful COngratulations! Hugs Grace

Saucy said...

We saw the trailer tonight at the theatre. I'm surprised that my daughter, an avid reader and Harry Potter lover, isn't interested in these books or the movie.

I think he looks light the right actor to play the role, myself.