Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Power of Pink

This year I'm the "Captain" of the Power of Pink campaign at Brighton Collectibles. The last five years, they had their designers create a unique bracelet that is sold during the month of October and they donate $10 a local organization of the store's choice (we picked The New Milford Hospital Foundation's Low-cost Mammogram Fund) from the sale of each bracelet.

I have spent time today creating advertising materials to remind people about a kick-off breakfast we are having on September 27 when the store opens...I want to have a great event that is well-attended with lots of cute giveaways, food, and information about breast cancer screening and prevention for women.

I have lost a lot of friends and family to his horrible cancer and this is my way of helping to ensure that it becomes eradicated in the future. I encourage you to find a way to help in the causes you believe in.


Saucy said...


Be a sweetie and shoot me an email with your full name, snail mail address and your email info so I can set you up with a partner for the Zombie Jar Swap!

There will be lots more info on the swap blog at www.zombiejars.blogspot.com


Patty Bennett said...

I need to get to my local Brighton and see if they have any left!! Thanks for the reminder!! Patty