Monday, September 22, 2008

Out for a Sunday drive...and stopping at all those places we always wanted to...

On Sunday we got in the Yaris, filled up with gas, and just drove up Route 22 North...stopping at all of the little antique and junk shops we said we always wanted to stop at...the first place was closest to my house in Patterson, NY -- Fanny Doolittles had AWESOME Halloween stuff, very cute:

Then we kept driving and passed the Big Moose Deli...I slept part of the way in the car and we happened to end up in Bennington, Vermont (about 2 hours from our house, Martin loves to drive) at this ADORABLE Camelot Village:
They had tons of collectible glass, dishes, old postcards, old buttons, books, telephones, phonographs, records, you name it! It reminded me of a big indoor flea market -- I had to call Grace right away! Telephone reception was terrible because we were in the mountains and around the ski areas -- but I finally got a text through to her! I got the bowl of buttons below for $3, there are some really awesome ones in the bag. I also got the stuff for my Zombie Jar Swap -- I can't picture it here until after the swap is sent/received -- I don't want to ruin it for my swap partner who I know has been on my blog!

We drove all the way there on Route 22 North and came home on Route 7 South, through Danbury, CT -- stopping at Panchos and Gringos on the way home for dinner, since it was 7:30pm and we were STARVING! It was a great, unplanned day!

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Grace said...

I can't wait to come explore those lovely places with you! It was so exciting having you call and text message me from there. LOL! Thank you! Great pictures. Hugs and squeezes grace