Friday, September 12, 2008

Four days down....

Its been four days since I have been eating Vegan, with no dairy, caffeine, alcohol, gluten, or sugar...its been surprisingly easy -- there are lots of foods at the health food store and natural store. I feel good, less clothes are fitting a little better in just a few days.

This week I was able to take a Giada "Everyday Italian" recipe for Artichoke Gratinata and altered it to be Vegan -- vegetable stock, soy margarine, gluten free bread for bread crumbs, added spinach and mushrooms and soy mozzerella cheese...made it melty and good! Thanks Cindy L for posting about it! It made me sit and think about how many things you can get out at restaurants and still eat no meat ... although the thought of never having chicken or seafood again is really sad to me..I love food too much -- I could probably do without red meat...but we'll see.

Work was good this week, finally getting back to "normal" given that I have been covering for someone for four months while they were out on maternity leave...I just have to get myself organized and the house cleaned up this that I can feel really good and "in balance".

I signed up for a fun online scrapping class -- cupcakes and coffee (two things I'm not eating/drinking right now, but it will be fun to dream). It starts on Monday...just waiting for my kit to arrive, and this weekend I'll try to get the rest of the parts I need for the class...we are making 10 projects in 14 days (at our own pace) and the instructor Wilna Furstenberg is AWESOME! She taught at the Nashville, TN Scrap Etc. event I went to recently. She does a lot of handpainted art...really beautiful.

This weekend I have NO plans! That makes me really happy, I don't have to be anywhere -- we'll probably move my mom to her new place on that leaves all day Saturday to myself...Martin will be working...I'll work on my Sweet & Sinister Swap. I have all the "pieces", I just have to make it artsy and sinister...

Have a good weekend ALL!


debbie said...

oooooooooo I like what you have planned for Saturday..... :o)!! I've been lurking, I know, but I wanted to say hi. I guess we got the S&S urge at the same time. I'm going to be taking pictures tomorrow (if we have any sun) and I will post a sneek peak on the flickr site!! I think I'm about ready to send yours so keep an eye on the mail over the next week or so...not sure the exact date....want to keep it all a surprise!!!! Muwahahahah! (sinister laugh)

Sandi Keene said...

I will be interested in hearing more about your Wilna class as it goes along. Wilna is the sweetest, isn't she?
Continued good luck with the Vegan conbversion.

Grace said...

Hey Honey great going I am so very proud of you and finding your diet. Remember that once you are done you can taste then move on. We are both obsessed with food but we need to find another obsession. Go girl you can and will do this!
This Sweet & Sinister swap is fun can't wait to see what you came up with I am sure will be as fantastic as everything you do you are so talented! Hugs Sara Sista! Love Ya Grace