Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cool Drug store stuff....and Stampin' Up! Hostess Club

I found these cute items at the local Rite Aid recently...I can't wait to have glow in the dark nails for Halloween! At least I'll have nice, soft hands...this handcream is awesome!

I recently went to a hostess stamp camp at my friend Gail's house...these were two of the cute projects we made, as well as a 20th anniversary die cut bookmark she made for us (the cool thing about it was that its sorta like a card, it folds over at the top - and the bottom has magnets on both sides, so its a "stay put" book mark that slides on and off a page, but holds tight -- leave it to Gail!)...I'll have to scan the Big Shot cut out basket we made so that I can share it with everyone...its a lot of fun, I love going and making things without having to "think" and design them myself. I really need to clean/organize my scrap stuff again -- I have so much I can purge. Be creative today!

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