Friday, August 8, 2008

Random Friday thoughts....

Its finally Friday!

Today we are going to the bank to talk about construction loans -- to see if we can get some money to build our log cabin...If we can get the loan, we'll do the septic system, well and foundation and then order the kit for the Spring, so we have some runway before the snow flies to get it up. I'll keep you posted.

Tonight I'm going to the
Melting Pot in White Plains, NY, with friends (Grace, Dena) for dinner, to talk, look at new stamping supplies and cute card samples. There are few things better than chocolate/peanut butter fondue, friends and crafting! * We'll miss you, Daryl! *

I love different, unusual frames, I need to get one like this from IKEA:

I would do a bunch of funky frames down our stairway, with or without pictures kinda grouped together.

Tomorrow I'm going to work at the "Fire Sale" at the antique store above Martin's shop -- they only have a few things left, but we got so many things in good condition for the log home from the owner, that we can spare a day to work for him...

Sunday we have NOTHING planned! I'll use the day to get odds and ends done, clean up a little -- maybe even fix my poor excuse for flowers in the front of our townhouse! ... and dare I WISH maybe some scrapping?

Oh! And I almost forgot -- its 8/8/08 today! ...the start of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China...always a fond memory of watching as a pre-teen/teenager...actually had articles in my scrapbook from then (of course we did nothing to protect the newprint or pages back then)!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Grace said...

Friday night was fun...I have that frame. A man and his wife had bought 12 and were so nice and handed me 1. Yes! That Heidi Swapp and her Ikea and Target finds gets me spending money all the time! Hugs Grace