Thursday, August 7, 2008

List of lists...

I think I started a new blog entry three times before I actually thought of something relevant and interesting to blog about...LISTS!

Are YOU a list maker? I'm a perpetual list maker...and when I have a list, it can't have any crossouts or mistakes on it, it has to be a pristine, organized, clean list. I try to highlight the important things, but that just makes it look messy...I have lists for work, personal/home stuff, and any "special projects" I'm working on. I LOVE it when I can cross of multiple items from my lists (that means I get to re-write them!).

Here's some samples of my lists:

  • Filing of personal papers in our loft closet filing cabinet
  • Frame pictures and hang in hallway
  • Get three new screens for office/bedroom and a new front/screen door
  • Change out the dryer/laundry hose (before we have a fire)


  • Haircut, mani/pedi
  • Eye doctor - multi-focal contacts
  • Update blog!

I usually don't list things like laundry, dishes -- housecleaning is a constant...and I usually multi-task during the day and fit things in.

I hate looking at the list and realizing I can't get anything checked off today -- it means going out of the house and I just have too many meetings or work is too crazy (as it has been the last 4 months).

Anyway - I welcome any suggestions and thoughts on lists - so comment away!

Don't forget to floss! Bye!


Sandi Keene said...

I am also a Queen of Lists. I love to cross mine out and don't mind messy lists. I love the visual of accomplishment.

My pet peeve? Make a list and then leave it at home forcing me to try and remember what is on the list and always forgetting the most important thing! Aarrgghh!

Sara said...

I hate that too! It usually happens, but I'm kinda a "visual" person, so I can usually remember what was on the list if I had it written down...I forgot to buy napkins for about 3 weeks in a row, we used every one we had from fast food, etc. until yesterday when I finally got them!