Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yummy new restaurant in Southeast....

Last night we went to the Sentrista Grill, its been there for a little while, but we thought it was "fancy schmancy" and when we got a $150 gift certificate, we thought maybe we had better "save" it for a special occasion or at least to go with some other friends so that we can use the whole thing rather than have " leftovers." Last night we figured - what the heck? was VERY good, not super fancy, in fact they had outside seating and live music, as well as tables inside with people in shorts and we were good ... just Martin and I went. We went a little crazy, neither of us really ate much on Saturday... here's what we had:
  • Risotto Croquettes - very yummy, with a nice chopped, sauteed tomato base (shared)
  • Mixed field greens (Martin)
  • Pear & Endive salad (Me)
  • Lobster Mac & Cheese (with white truffles, special for the night) (Me)
  • Sauteed scallops with rice (Martin)
  • Tiramisu & cappuchino (Me)
  • Bananas foster towers & coffee (Martin)

Dinner was excellent accompanied by about five glasses of wine between us...and guess what?!? We used the gift certificate ($150) and had money left for the tip -- so it was a free night out! It lived up to the reviews! Definitely make a reservation if you go before 8:00pm. We'll be back!

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Grace said...

yumo-lisious! Looks like a great place! Great that Marty could wear shorts and be comfortable. I was drooling over the menu. LOL! Hugs Grace