Monday, July 7, 2008

Dinosaurs and splashing...and gems!

On Thursday we went to Dinosaur Crossing in Montville, CT...we were greeted by Monty (left). We saw 18 dinosaurs in the woods, around the lake...but missed the volcano going off! Every time we thought about it, we were 15 minutes late or 45 minutes early!

After walking around the lake, we played on the playground and had lunch -- then went splashing at the splash pad -- it is soooo cute! The girls really enjoyed it -- and the only way we got them away from the water park was to go digging in a cave for gems...

They had some really cool geodes that you could have them cut in half ... Alexandra had a really cool black one with sparkles that looked like sanding sugar.
It was a great day! Boy were we tired!

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Grace said...

How cool your Blog is! I love the dino's! Looks like a blast! Grace