Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aaron McCargo, Jr. will be the NEXT Food Network Star!

Last night was the big showdown on the Next Food Network Star...all three candidates had their strong points...I couldn't really pick a favorite between the three; I liked Adam for his on-screen presence, I loved Aaron's big, hearty food...and I liked Lisa's style...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show...if I had to guess from the pilots filmed, I would have said Lisa or Adam BUT the WINNER was....Aaron McCargo, Jr.!! His show debuts next week!
P.S. I made his famous stuffed porkchops with a dijon/chipolte/honey glaze (minus the sausage in the stuffing) and they were good!

We had terrible thunderstorms again the morning and in the evening...our cable is sporatic today (again -- out more than on!) makes for a "not so productive" day at work with my line dropping...but it seems better now.

I got to see my oldest and dearest friend Andrea from high school tonight...she's in town from Arkansas because her dad fell and broke his hip (Mr. T, I hope you have a speedy recovery!) I haven't seen her since my dad passed away three years ago...we had some dinner and got to catch up a bit...our lives are going in separate directions but the best part is that when you catch up with a good friend, its like you just picked up where you left off last! HUGS!!


Grace said...

Oh we had this conversation before about this I am sooooo disapointed! I wanted the "sex and the city" Girl! She would have added something different to Food Network...and even Adam was fun but they have a new show coming up with a girl and a computer! Love visiting you my pal! Love Ya. Grace

Sandi Keene said...

I know Barbara and I would love to go to CE with you and Grace. Let's see where we are in this sucking economy when registration time comes around. It would be so much fun with you two!