Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

Tuesday Update: Its probably well over 100 degrees here today -- and our new air conditioning unit needs freon ... it keeps freezing before it gets to the desired temperature...ARGH! I'm waiting for "the guy" to come...

I need a really easy and cool dinner idea -- anyone have one? Reservations! We went to our favorite quick/close spot and I had what else, GREEK FOOD! Yummy Chicken Soulvaki! I think I was Greek in a past life.

Wednesday Update: Waited until 9:30pm because "the guy" called and said he was coming around 8:00pm, we waited and waited, and finally went to get something to eat when we saw the card that said they tried to get us at 8:15 and 8:30 -- helloooo! Did you ring the BELL? We live in a townhouse, we don't hear someone knocking in a thunderstorm two floors up! They are supposed to be here today between 2-4pm, its almost 3 and no word yet! Luckily today is a little cooler, the house is 76 rather than 78 degrees!

Here's an updated picture of my tomato plant, it must have grown 8" in the past week! Its been humid, rainy, hot -- the perfect weather! We have three small tomatoes already!

Well, back to work....stay cool!

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Sandi Keene said...

Hope you are cooler now!