Sunday, June 8, 2008

Follow the pink ribbons...

On Saturday we met our Surveyor, Steve, to walk the property and see where our actual property lines lie...of course it was 95 degrees, and one mile UP hill after a cool one mile walk down hill...but we now know which trees are ours, which stone walls are ours and where we end after the stream...It turns out that our little section of the stream is awesome, and is actually there is a little pool area. We saw our old PERK holes and we noticed that our neighbors stopped cutting our grass on the property line.

We got to drive around the area a little more (with the airconditioning blasting after our little walk) and found Clarks, are really cute, rustic bar where they advertise Wine, Women and Walleyes...and had a good frosty beer and some bbq chicken!

We also passed "Richmondville Days" where the big attraction was a big bouncy slide...and passed MANY antique stores and a couple of wineries.

Next step is to go back with a can of pink spray paint (can't use yellow, dark red, or blue) and mark all of the blazing on the trees...and figure out exactly where our log cabin will sit...then TO THE BANK!

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Sandi Keene said...

Such pretty land. Can't wait to see the perfect spot for the cabin!