Friday, May 9, 2008

Model decision....

Martin and I have been looking at lots of models, lots of floor plans -- even going as far as to try to design our own and see what the different companies can do for us...but then we came across a wholesale company that had the exact floor plan we wanted -- at a price that was the lowest around. It looked good on paper, but last weekend we drove to Ohio (8.5 hours each way) to do a walk through of one they were using as an office ... and we LOVED it! Everything about it was exactly what we after taking about 85 pictures in 1.5 hours, we travelled back home. Decision made.

We got home and found that the surveyor had called and he's done with his work, so our next trip is up to the property to walk it with him, and see where the actual property lines are...he said that our neighbor had been mowing into our property line a bit and that the stream is really flowing pretty strongly this time of year...we also had three stone walls where before the property was subdivided, probably marked off some type of field or something. I have big plans for all those stones!


Anonymous said...

Wow! So is this going to be the new abode full-time? Are you leaving Br. area? I looked up the locale on the web. P.S. I think it is spelled Schoharie. It looks wonderful btw!!! Welcome to blog-land!

Sandi Keene said...

I am so excited to follow your progress and learn this process right along with you. I would like the model with the large scrapbooking loft please! : )