Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life...less organized

Things have been a little unorganized around here lately...scrap stuff everywhere as evidenced here (BELIEVE ME, this is the tip of the iceburg):

but with my sister and neices coming for a visit, I REALLY wanted things to be a little more under I worked for WEEKS going through scrapping supplies, emptying boxes and moving things I don't use so often up to the loft closet shelving...I'm almost there...the closet looks much better and I can actually GET to it (the floor tends to be my filing system):

The cubes at the bottom of the closet are all projects somewhere in the process of being done, but not quite. I added 12 more 12x12 cropper hopper paper storage units, if I fill them, someone has permission to SHOOT me...they each hold 200 sheets of paper.
Hopefully now I'll actully be organized enough to scrap and stamp!

On a log cabin note, we are going to meet the Surveyor on June 7 -- so we can start to map out where the cabin will go and where we want to leave room for outside decking etc. I'll definitely have more pictures of "cabin stuff" then.

Until next time...

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Sandi Keene said...

Organization is a beautiful thing, isn't it? If only it wasn't so much work to attain and then maintain. Putting things away is always my least favorite part of any project.

You made me laugh about filling all the new paper storage. I am the same way - ENOUGH - really - ENOUGH. And then that "one" new thing just has to be added.